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I've always been passionate about fantasy, sci-fi, PC games, and larps, and I enjoy showcasing them to the world through epic photography. 🙂 As a photographer for quite some time, I've covered a wide range of subjects, from concerts to weddings. However, in recent years, I specialized in portraits, cosplay, and glamour photography. I've had the pleasure of attending Pixelmania&Fotocon twice before and am eagerly looking forward to attending again!
Below, you'll find plenty of essential information about shooting with me during Pixelmania. If you have any questions beyond that, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
While we can't make precise plans at this time, let's connect and discuss what we would like to shoot during Pixelmania. If you like my work, feel free to reach out and let's start a conversation.

Although I'm the one behind the camera, there are times when I feel like a zombie.

Booking & Before the Shoot
I am fluent in English, Slovak, Czech, and animated gifs 😁
I will have 3-4 slots available, each approximately 2 hours long (not including travel time). If we finish a bit sooner, that's great. We can use the extra time for a break, and you won't be late for your next shoot.
You can contact me through instagram, facebook, discord, or bookme. I respond to messages on all platforms, but on Instagram/Facebook, messages may sometimes end up in the spam folder. If you don't hear back from me, please try pinging me through Bookme.
I am happy to work with solo/duo shoots, but I'm also open to joining group shoots.

What I shoot
My photography style is characterized by beautiful, cinematic, moody, and epic pictures. I often create images with blurred backgrounds, but I'm also eager to try new things and challenge myself creatively.
I adore shooting in and around forests, castles, and waterfalls, especially during sunset. However, I must admit that I am not an early bird and can't guarantee that I'll be up for sunrise shoots.
I prefer practical effects and hope to incorporate one or two fire shoots during Pixelmania. I'll bring along a portable fog machine to enhance the mood further.
To create the perfect atmosphere, I use colored flashes as well.
I am proficient in retouching, but I'm not entirely satisfied with my level of special effects.
While I'm not a fan of using the Dutch angle in every photo, I'll occasionally employ it when it makes sense.
For more ideas, feel free to browse the attached pictures or check out other galleries on my website.
What I would like to shoot
I'm always open to shooting a wide variety of costumes, even if I'm not familiar with the particular character, as long as I find the design appealing.
That being said, there are certain themes that I'm particularly interested in shooting, such as:
General themes
(Dark) Fantasy - I love shooting characters with armor, witches and demons, winged creatures, characters with swords and weapons, medieval stuff, fire, in various forests, ruins of castles or waterfalls
Cyberpunk/Dystopic/Postapo: Cyberpunk 2077/Edgerunners, Blade runner, Ghost in the Shell - neon lights, futuristic technology or dystopic landscape
Games: Overwatch, Diablo, Witcher, Elder Scrolls, Lost Ark, Fallout, Red Dead Redemption, Ragnarok Online and many others...
Movies/Series: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Marvel/DC universe, Game of Thrones, Expanse, other scifi/fantasy/postapoacalyptic.
Anime: I realized that besides Cyberpunk Edgerunners I know just very old stuff, but hey - Studio Ghibli stuff, Hellsing, Slayers, Inuyasha, GITS, Tsubasa chronicles, .hack might be fun.
Since I've been shooting some of glamour recently, not necessarily with cosplayers, I still find it to be an intriguing option if it fits the character.
Shoot preparation & additional info
Let's collaborate and create a mood board together, along with any inspiration pics or references that you may have. Whether it's specific poses or images you want to recreate or draw inspiration from, let me know so we can make the most out of our shoot.
I have a car and can take you to the location, starting from HQ. However, this year, I plan to travel a bit less and stay at locations for more shoots. Nevertheless, I can take you to morning or evening shoots.
For your convenience, I always carry bottled water and some snacks in my car. It's crucial to stay hydrated and well-fed during this event.
Although I'm not certain about having an assistant, if someone is interested in joining this awesome event and helping me, please do not hesitate to contact me! :)
After the Apocalypse
After the Apocalypse
After the shoot
I will send you a selection of preview images for you to choose your favorite shots. Expect to receive them on the following weekend after Pixelmania through pixieset. Editing will only start after you've made your selection.
If there are any specific requests for post-processing, like changing eye color, fixing costumes/wigs, or removing tattoos, please let me know. We can discuss what can be done.
My goal is to deliver at least 4-6 edited images in small web-optimized files as well as larger files for printing. If you're interested in prints, we can arrange that too since they often showcase photos better than on a small phone screen.

Any more questions? Do you want to work with me? Write me, I don't bite 😀
You can reach me on instagram, facebook, discord, and bookme.
You can also check out my other galleries for more examples of my work.

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